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Sightings 2011

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RiverBills Sticker Sighting

Posted 11-23-11




Bumper Sticker Sighting


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Yesteryear's Pictures of the Day in 2011.......  was of a RiverBills' Bumper Sticker sighting !


It's Capt'n Carl sporting a beard and a RiverBills Bumper Sticker !  


Carl hails out of Woodland Marina and Eagles Landing in the cruiser..... The Krystal Lady




RiverBills Sticker Sighting

Posted 07-24-11

London, England


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 Yesteryear's Picture of the Day in 2011..... was sent to us by Maureen Absolon, who hails out of the Yacht Club of St. Louis in the boat ..... After you.   Maureen is Darryll Weil's First Mate.



Hi Bill,

I am in London this week. I do not have a RiverBills TShirt so I promoted another way!

1st picture is in front of the Buckingham Palace...we visited the Queen.

2nd..is on a double decker bus "The Big Red" on The London Bridge over the River Thames. Too cold here to be on the River!














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